"The human hand touches everyone of our baseball bats and all of our products. The process we use is very labor intensive and requires an eye for detail."

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Our Process

GiftBats has the flexibility to customize a bat in many different ways with the possibilities only limited by your imagination. GiftBats will make every effort to make it "YOUR" Bat. We have many samples, many customer testimonials, and many applications we can share with you.

Many baseball bat companies sell Personalized Baseball Bats as an after thought and who can blame them? All bat companies are focused on making functional "for play" baseball bats. Of course they have to look nice, but their main goal is to make sure they meet the specifications of their client requests in terms of weight and size. Any bats that do not meet weight requirements or some other technical requirements can then be used as a promotional baseball bat or a trophy baseball bat. These bats are in essence "reject bats" that are then "turned into" a trophy bat or a promotional baseball bat. They can use a paint finish to cover up any flaws turn that "for play" then takes another life. This is pure profit for the baseball bat companies as these "reject" baseball bats are wasted lumber, so anything they can get for them is high profit.

At GiftBats we have a completely different goal - to make the World's most beautiful baseball bats and we've succeeded!

The process starts in picking the right hard maple wood. It has to be free of flaws such as subtle cracks, yellowed wood grain, knots, and anything else that is visible to the naked eye. We've tested hundreds of different colors and finishes for our baseball bats and we know what colors and finishes create the most aesthetically pleasing trophy bats and promotional bats.

The human hand touches everyone of our baseball bats and all of our products. The process we use is very labor intensive and requires an eye for detail. Nothing leaves our facility unless it has been carefully looked over to make sure it has the furniture finish our clients have come to expect of GiftBats.

When creating the perfect GiftBat for the recipient we have a rendering process we use to help aid the customer in coming up with the perfect design. Every GiftBat is created specifically for the recipient - without our engraved logo. We want the bat to be "Your" baseball bat, "Your" trophy bat, "Your" promotional product, "Your" Personalized Baseball Bat, "Your" Team Gift, "Your" Corporate Gift. We make sure it represents "You" and not us.

We've defined our process over the past 8 years and yet we are still looking for ways to make the process even better. Whether you pick our Full-Size bat, our Mid-Sized Bats, or any of our other products you will be utterly impressed with our quality.

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