• Bad Economy or Not - Don't Stop Rewarding

    One of my jobs as a sales consultant is to audit the sales organization of a company and then make recommendations on how to do things better. I have worked with hundreds of companies through the years and there are certain things that never change.

    We've been fighting through a recession since 2008 and many companies have had to cut expenses any place they can. Many times one of the first things to get cut is any sort of recognition program, and that's probably not a good thing. The most successful companies I work with still keep rewarding their employees. They rewarded their employees during the best of times and they reward their employees during challenging times. These companies realize that external factors affecting their company will always be present, but internally they can consistently create a positive, successful environment. An environment that keeps employees aggressively moving forward in the right direction. Employees realize "that everybody is in this together" and expect there to be some changes and cuts to be made, but think of how motivated they will be when you keep showing them how grateful you are for their effort by rewarding them above and beyond their compensation.

    Inevitably you have to adapt to changing economic times and you may lessen the value of promotions or incentives, but don't ever get rid of them completely or devalue them to the point where they stop working.


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