• Are your awards and rewards really that special?

    It's important for companies and organizations to realize just how crucial employee recognition should be. Whether it be sales awards, customer appreciation gifts, or anniversary awards - companies must ask themselves if what they are using to recognize somebody is really that special.

    The corporate world is pretty volatile these days as companies are laying people off, downsizing, freezing wages, etc. It can be very unsettling for employees and it is critical to let employees know how important they are and how much you appreciate their efforts. Studies have shown time and time again that employees want to be recognized for their efforts. Everybody loves a monetary award but they also want others to realize they've done a good job. Giving out a tangible, unique, special gift is what is necessary. However, how truly special is that award?

    Me must ask ourselves if we would want the gift or award we've given? Is it memorable? Does it have the "wow" factor? Would other employees want one?

    A tangible gift that can be displayed can serve its function for many years. Every time somebody sees that award displayed in their work space, it reminds them of the accomplishments. It serves as motivation over and over again for the person receiving it and for the people who will see it time and time again.

    How will you ever know how well received your gift or award was or how special it is? Well, sometimes it's as simple as just asking. You may not want to ask right after you give it. But, it's important to get feedback at some point from the recipient and those around the recipient. You may find out that the plaques you've been giving out through the years are incredibly redundant. That engraved desk clock you gave out hasn't had the batteries replaced since the initial ones ran out and will probably see the trash sooner than later.

    Give your awards and rewards thought and make sure they serve all the purposes they are supposed to. If it does, it will pay itself back tenfold.


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